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Logo design packages

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Do you need an attractive logo design to help kick-start your business’s marketing efforts? Are you on the exploration for an extra boasting offer of identity materials? No matter what you’re looking for in logo design services, we have suitable packages for you. From various modification to designs customized for stationery, when you hire logo designers at Pakish, you’ll receive features that will help you meet your branding goals. 

Once you’ve selected suitable package for your business, you can take personalized services by our professionals. Our unique three step process begins with a short innovative brief and brainstorming session. You’ll then receive original concepts in five days. Finally, we’ll take your feedback and develop your design until it’s right. When your logo is complete, we’ll send you the files you need to display it in digital or printed materials. 

When you buy a logo design, you’re investing in your business and its growth. This one graphic is the visual representation of your brand, and when created by an expert, it has the capability to build customer loyalty and set you apart from the competition. Our Pakish logo professionals are standing by to create a professional design that makes a strong and lasting impression on your customers.